Don’t Wanna See Me Cry – Donna Hinds

“DON’T WANNA SEE ME CRY” This is a tribute to my Late Father Alexander Augustus Hinds aka Dimples who passed away peacefully on 11th March 2018 due to Lung Cancer , he was the lead singer of the group The Marvels along with my Mother Ornell . My Father,s passing has touched many hearts as he was a veteran in the music business , he will surely be missed. A part of my mission is to keep his legacy alive as he was very passionate about his music apart from being a perfectionist also a Solo Artist in his own right, a radio DJ for over 40 years. My aim is to keep him alive through myself , giving people the encouragement and guidance that we quite often need . He was a inspiration to many , we love him and he will be greatly missed , this tune is a tribute to my beloved Father Dimples , may he rest in peace , sleep well Dad .


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